Saturday, November 30, 2019

The Ten Most Expensive Google Keywords

According to a recent article by@larrykim from WordStream the ten most expensive Google keywords last year were: Business Services: $58.64 Bail Bonds: $58.48 Casino: $55.48 Lawyer: $54.86 Asset Management: $49.86 Insurance: $48.41 Cash Services Payday Loans: $48.18 Cleanup Restoration Services: $47.61 Degree: $47.36 Medical Coding Services: $46.84 As any modern content writer knows it would be foolhardy to pay for these – the goal should be to integrate your keywords organically into content while telling a compelling story. And looking at those words I think there is a story to be told. So, without further delay please enjoy the following keywords stuffed organically into an epic tale of woe and suffering. John’s Big Idea John woke up and dragged himself through the mess that was his living room. One would think that after investing $10K in cleanup and restoration services it wouldn’t be such a mess, but such is life when dealing with contractors. He planned on suing the contractor but a lawyer advised him against it, saying that insurance should cover the cost so why bother. Just as he was rounding a corner John tripped over a box on the floor and hit his head on the coffee table. Dazed and confused, John staggered to his feet, thinking that there must be some sort of business service that could help him get his life together. One that combines lawyers with clean-up and restoration services so he could sue one cleaner while retaining another. â€Å"Well, that would be a great idea†, thought John. Maybe he could take the money from suing the cleaner and go back to school – he’s always wanted to learn about medical coding services. Just then, John caught glimpse of himself in the mirror. The blood pouring from the wound on his head told him that medical coding would have to wait. He needed a more serious type of medical services. John stumbled out to his car to drive to the hospital but a funny thing happened on the way there. John’s head injury gave him delayed amnesia, which made him forget about his severe gambling addiction. So instead of going to the hospital John turned left into the cash service and payday loan office located conveniently next to the Full-Tilt Casino. Armed with two months of earnings from the payday loan office he entered the casino and put it all on red. And lost. John never was particularly talented at asset management. Tips for Businesses in Expensive Keyword Niches Joking aside, businesses that operate in niches with expensive keywords face a serious challenge. Either try to rank for these highly competitive keywords organically or accept an incredibly expensive a cost per click. While you could fill your company blog with epic tales like the one above, there are other ways to help rank organically and keep costs down. 1. Write Valuable, Targeted Content One of the best ways to help you rank in expensive keyword niches it to look for highly targeted long-tail keywords and produce high-quality content focusing on those topics. While â€Å"business services† may be an incredibly expensive and highly competitive keyword, long-tail keywords like â€Å"digital copywriting services in California† will be much easier to rank for. 2. Focus on Maximizing Your Quality Score Having a high Adwords Quality Score will help lower your cost per click. Businesses in expensive keyword niches will want to pay extra attention to ensuring your ad quality score is as high as possible. Some of the main areas that contribute to your quality score include ad relevance, expected CTR and the landing page experience. 3. Use Negative Keywords and Match Types Given the cost for some of these keywords, the last thing you want is irrelevant clicks. Irrelevant clicks mean you’re paying for visitors that will absolutely never convert. Using negative keywords is a great way to reduce the chances of showing up for certain search queries that contain the keyword but aren’t relevant. For example, image your keyword is â€Å"Bluetooth speakers.† By using exact match types and negative keywords, you can avoid paying for ads on irrelevant keywords such as â€Å"Bluetooth earpiece† or â€Å"USB speakers.†

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